"Our Team"

Heather Henry, owner, I have 26 Years experience with a passion for coloring. I Love changing someone’s look and making women feel good about themselves. We consider our clients family and Love what we do!

Sally, a senior stylist, with 46 years experience in the field, as operator and teacher. I have seen lots of changes, most of them good. Loving the industry and every aspect of it.

Kristie, a senior stylist who loves cutting hair. Her specialty is her cuts. She loves listening to her ladies and coming up with what will work for them.  

Karen, has quickly become someone the clients go to for hair and color advice. She comes to us with years of experience and we are glad to have her on our team.  

Kristine, her fresh ideas and love for her craft show in the work she produces. I think it says something when clients follow a stylist from another Salon because they love her work. She loves giving you a new color.  

Missy, is our receptionist. Without her we could not function. She works the desk and keeps our salon running smoothly. We all depend on her. We thank her for always doing her best for us.

 Jenn, she is currently our shampoo girl , and future stylist , she is set to finish her schooling in December and we are excited to be adding her to our Main Street family!